How to Light a Warehouse

Warehouses of all types and sizes require a lot of lighting to ensure workers can operate in a safe environment, but not many warehouse owners/managers know how to light their storage facility in an appropriate manner.

In this guide to lighting in industrial and commercial storage environments, we outline the key factors to consider when lighting your warehouse in a safe and efficient manner.

How should you illuminate a warehouse?

Most warehouses tend to have very little to no natural light sources or light output and it is the duty of the warehouse owner to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its workers. Achieving the best lighting solution for your warehouse can depend on a variety of factors which you can find below.

How many light fixtures do you need?

Every warehouse is unique and just knowing the square footage of your facility isn’t enough. Using a light metre will help work out how many light fixtures you may need in your warehouse – take this as a rough guide, as expert light-fitters will create a blueprint that accurately positions where each LED fixture needs to be installed.

The height of your shelves and racking

Pallet racking and warehouse shelves can fluctuate in height. As a rule of thumb, the higher these storage solutions are, the more lighting you will need due to improper illumination levels. Having LED light fixtures in high bay areas will make sure your warehouse operates in an energy-efficient manner.

How bright you should have your lighting

The colour temperature of industrial lights can have a big impact on your employees both in safety and productivity terms. A crisp, bright white light that is in-between 4000k and 5000k is the best range to go for when shopping around for LED warehouse lights.

The width of your aisles

Your warehouse lighting system needs to emit an illumination pattern that aligns with your facility’s layout. If your racking aisles are narrow and tall, the lighting in that area needs to follow a similar long, skinny pattern, alternatively, If you have wide open spaces, the lights in those areas should have a wide illumination pattern.

Type of warehouse

Some warehouses specialise in certain niché’s, which is why you may need to consider the type of lighting fixture you choose. You may want to decide to purchase a wet-rated fixture for example.

LED Energy-Efficient Warehouse Lights

Expert light-fitters

Poorly lit warehouses and storage facilities are not an option and businesses that suffer from this should be looking for brighter, whiter and more reliable lighting replacements to ensure staff safety and the improvement of the overall warehouse working environment. Our warehouse lighting solutions can be fitted in between existing rack systems, which gives you peace of mind that we can work within your requirements.

If you are looking for a cost-effective lighting solution for your warehouse, look no further than Oakway Storage. Contact us to request a free site visit or quotation.

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