Rack & Warehouse Barriers

Protect your people, plant & property with flexible rack & warehouse protection

  • Flexibly reduces damage through impact
  • Simple installation and low maintenance
  • Protect personnel, racking, stock & machinery
  • Reduce workplace accidents

Oakway Storage, in partnership with MPM Flexible Protection, provide the ultimate solution for creating a safe warehouse environment, anywhere where the presence of moving vehicles, goods, and people puts safety at risk. Our cutting-edge flexible rack and warehouse protection is designed to prevent accidents and damage, protecting pedestrians, racking, stock and machinery.

Our flexible protection allows your company to save on maintenance, repairs and replacements, achieving the maximum return on investment. A safe workplace not only improves the quality of work but also enhances the perception of value within the organisation, positively impacting corporate performance.

Warehouse & Rack Protection
Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

Flexible polymer protection

Our flexible rack and warehouse protection is manufactured using a technopolymer made from a unique compound developed by a team of experts with thirty years of experience in the field of plastics.

Thanks to its special molecular density, our protection distributes energy along the entire length of the protection that flexes and then returns to its original shape.

The excellent properties of the material allow it to absorb the energy of the impact, thus minimising the costs of maintenance, repair and replacement.

Thanks to its technical specifications, our flexible rack and warehouse protection guarantees the protection of the floor and racking, the materials and the safety of pedestrian and operators driving the vehicles.

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Warehouse Rack Protection

Protection for Racking

Rack protection and rack end barriers. Protect the most vulnerable areas of warehouse pallet racking with a flexible solution that maintains structure after repeated collisions.

Warehouse Rack Protection

Warehouse Protection

Protect columns, pillars, walls and machinery. Safeguard from impact to avoid structural harm to buildings and machinery with a flexible solution that reduces damage to vehicles.

Warehouse Rack Protection

Protection for People

Pedestrian safety barriers. Safeguard personnel by visibly identifying and limiting access to footpaths, crossings, entrances and exits with a flexible solution with minimal maintenance required.

Warehouse Rack Protection

Protection for Doors

Protection for doors, loading bays, blind spots and projecting structures. Keep access open and functional with flexible protection that deters damage and reduces risk of accidents.

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Here are a selection of recent Project Delivery Case Studies, each demonstrates the depth of knowledge and experience we provide to businesses across the UK and Ireland in helping them bring about positive business change and growth.

March May – Warehouse Fit-Out

In the pursuit of innovation and sustainable growth, March May, a designer and manufacturer of pumps, recently undertook a transformative expansion project in collaboration with Oakway Storage. Faced with spatial constraints in their longstanding location, March May strategically ventured into new units in Biggleswade, setting the stage for an ambitious facility upgrade.

March May – Warehouse Fit-Out - Find out more

Dependall – Pallet Racking

Castleford based storage and logistics business, Dependall Ltd, were looking for a partner to support the re-development of areas of their 700,000 sq. ft distribution hub to better suit their ever-expanding storage requirement.

Dependall – Pallet Racking - Find out more

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