March May ‑ Warehouse Fit‑Out

  • Streamline testing & manufacture
  • Maximise use of space
  • Create an enjoyable work environment
  • Project management end-to-end

In the pursuit of innovation and sustainable growth, March May, a designer and manufacturer of pumps, recently undertook a transformative expansion project in collaboration with Oakway Storage. Faced with spatial constraints in their longstanding location, March May strategically ventured into new units in Biggleswade, setting the stage for an ambitious facility upgrade.

This case study delves into the seamless journey of March May’s expansion, highlighting the strategic decisions, collaborative efforts with Oakway Storage, and the myriad benefits that have positioned the company for heightened manufacturing capabilities and a future of sustained success.

March May - Warehouse Fit-Out

The Challenge

As March May embarked on the daunting task of transforming a completely empty warehouse into a functional hub, they recognised the need for expert guidance to navigate the intricacies of the fit-out process. The decision to approach Oakway Storage stemmed from the company’s reputation as a comprehensive storage solutions provider.

March May sought Oakway’s expertise to not only overcome the challenge of orchestrating a meticulous fit-out from scratch but also to benefit from a single-point solution that encompassed mezzanine installation, office design, and laboratory construction. Oakway’s proven track record in delivering seamless operational spaces made them the ideal partner to ensure March May’s vision for the warehouse could be realised with efficiency and precision.

Warehouse Mezzanine Installation Case Study

The Oakway Storage Solution

  • Mezzanine with single staircase
  • Lab area formed with glass partitioning
  • Flexible barrier protection
  • Pedestrian walkway floor markings

Oakway Storage emerged as the solution architect for March May’s ambitious expansion, providing a holistic approach to facility design. Serving as the singular point of contact for various needs, Oakway streamlined the complex process of turning an empty warehouse into a purposeful space. Their expertise spanned from mezzanine installation, optimising floor space, to creating offices, canteens, and a state-of-the-art glass lab area. This comprehensive design ensured that March May’s new facility seamlessly integrated all elements required for manufacturing excellence, reflecting a strategic and forward-thinking solution.

Oakway Storage’s solution was designed with an eye towards the future, offering March May a facility poised for adaptability and growth. The incorporation of a mezzanine allowed for the immediate expansion of floor space, providing flexibility to accommodate evolving needs. Beyond the physical structure, Oakway’s strategic design ensured that March May’s operations could scale seamlessly, making the facility not just a present solution but a foundation for sustained success. The forward-thinking approach of Oakway Storage positions March May for future growth, ensuring that their new facility is not just a space but a catalyst for ongoing innovation and operational excellence.

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Manufacturing Warehouse Fit-Out
Manufacturing Warehouse Fit Out

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