E. Tupling – Warehouse Mezzanine

  • Increase storage capacity
  • Maximise vertical space
  • Adhere to building regulation
  • Increase warehouse flexibility

Ross Duncanson, Director at E. Tupling, contacted the team at Oakway Storage seeking support with the design, supply and installation of a mezzanine for their distribution warehouse.

Based just off junction 9 of the M62 in Warrington, E. Tupling are a fast-growing, leading distributor of market-leading underfloor heating, renewables and building plastic products to independent building and plumbing merchants. This growth has driven the requirement
to significantly increase storage capacity whilst also improving the warehouse space for the wellbeing of the team.

Looking to gain space for the storage of slower moving materials, and free up room on the floor of the warehouse for the breakdown of pallets, the Directors’ plan was to use some of the valuable height available in their 2,322 m2 warehouse to create a mezzanine area.

Whilst confident in the rough concept, E. Tupling needed the project management experience Oakway Storage can provide to design and project manage the installation of an effective solution to work seamlessly alongside the existing structure and would pass all building control requirements.

Warehouse Mezzanine

The Oakway Storage solution

  • 300m2 mezzanine and wooden deck
  • 52m of mezzanine handrail
  • Building control compliant access staircase
  • Up and over pallet gate and pallet loading plate

The Oakway Storage team worked closely with E. Tupling to define the project; determining the type, volume and weight of materials to be stored on the mezzanine, and also how the business processes for the handling and storage would be impacted by the installation of a mezzanine.

Initially we needed to ensure that the warehouse floor could take the extra load of the mezzanine and stored materials. As no information about the floor’s capacity was available, we commissioned a concrete core sample to be taken and tested, prior to installation taking place.

Warehouse Mezzanine

The installation

The efficient installation took two days for the mezzanine, and a further day for the under-mezzanine LED lighting. Trading carried on as normal throughout the installation with minimal impact to the surrounding warehouse operation.

We liaised with building control throughout the project to ensure all aspects of the intended plan were compliant with current law, including the proximity of the mezzanine and associated travel distance to the nearest fire exit, plus the siting of under-mezzanine emergency directional lighting.

The resulting solution created 300m2 of additional storage, an increase of 12% extra capacity space enabling the E. Tupling team to continue to expand their ever-growing portfolio of underfloor heating, renewables and building plastic products.

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