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Maximise cask count, reduce 'cost per cask' storage costs and keep your casks safe using Oakway's Cask Gate racking system.

  • Maximise Cask Capacity
  • Increase Cask Longevity
  • Improve Cask Safety
  • Boost Space Profitability

The booming sector of whisky cask storage and distribution in Scotland and whiskey cask storage in Ireland has experienced substantial growth, and Oakway Storage has played a pivotal role in supporting this expansion through the design and installation of tailored whisky cask racking.

Our distinctive Cask Gate solution has earned the trust of distilleries and brokers alike, providing a secure and reliable environment for the storage and maturation of valuable whisky casks. This bespoke offering is an efficient and safe choice for companies seeking to augment barrel storage capacity.

In addition to our specialised whisky racking solutions, Oakway Storage extends its support to businesses in optimising their warehouse and storage spaces. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses pallet racking and industrial shelving for the storage of bottles and packaging, as well as the installation of mezzanine floors, high-level walkways, access staircases, health and safety signage, floor marking, and office design/fit-out.

We are dedicated to providing a holistic approach that enhances operational efficiency for business owners and managers in the dynamic field of whisky cask storage and beyond.

Whisky Cask Racking Case Study
Whisky Cask Racking Case Study

Maximise cask storage capacity with Oakway Storage’s Cask Gate

Trusted by distilleries and brokers, our consultative approach ensures a deep understanding of their requirements, leading to the design and implementation of a unique and reliable storage solution for the maturation of valuable whisky casks.

This end-to-end solution not only provides a safe and secure environment but also presents an efficient means for companies to enhance their barrel storage capacity.

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The trusted cask storage warehouse fit-out partner

Here are a selection of recent Project Delivery Case Studies, each demonstrates the depth of knowledge and experience we provide to businesses across the UK and Ireland in helping them bring about positive business change and growth.

Dependall – Pallet Racking

Castleford based storage and logistics business, Dependall Ltd, were looking for a partner to support the re-development of areas of their 700,000 sq. ft distribution hub to better suit their ever-expanding storage requirement.

Dependall – Pallet Racking - Find out more

March May – Warehouse Fit-Out

In the pursuit of innovation and sustainable growth, March May, a designer and manufacturer of pumps, recently undertook a transformative expansion project in collaboration with Oakway Storage. Faced with spatial constraints in their longstanding location, March May strategically ventured into new units in Biggleswade, setting the stage for an ambitious facility upgrade.

March May – Warehouse Fit-Out - Find out more

Pitacs – Pallet Racking

Pitacs approached Oakway Storage as they needed a heavy-duty storage solution that would maximise the space available in their warehouse facility. We designed and installed a double-depth pallet racking system with heavy-duty deck boards, bespoke to Pitacs’ needs.

Pitacs – Pallet Racking - Find out more

Morrisons – Pallet Racking

Morrisons approached Oakway Storage as they needed a modern, efficient storage solution that would last for years to come. We designed and installed a state-of-the-art, heavy-duty pallet live storage system bespoke to Morrisons’ needs.

Morrisons – Pallet Racking - Find out more

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