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  • Increase storage capacity
  • Maximise operational efficiency
  • Boost warehouse profitability
  • Manage health & safety

Ryanair, the well-known airline company, was faced with numerous problems in their warehouse. These challenges included inadequate storage space, inefficient organisation of goods and rising storage facility costs.

The warehouse management team at Ryanair sought a solution that would not only address their immediate needs but also support their future expansion plans.

To tackle these challenges, Ryanair partnered with Oakway Storage as their trusted storage solutions provider. Together, they collaborated on a comprehensive strategy to optimise the warehouse operations and reduce costs.

Oakway Storage designed and implemented a solution that included heavy-duty shelving system, pallet racking and a multi-tier mezzanine floor. This system allowed for efficient storage and organisation of goods, maximising the available space in the warehouse.

Ryanair Case Study - Pallet Racking

The Oakway Storage solution

Oakway Storage worked with the Ryanair’s warehouse management team to design a heavy-duty shelving system, with pallet racking and a multi-tier mezzanine floor that not only met Ryanair’s immediate requirements but also allowed for future expansion and growth in the warehouse. We produced a robust warehouse optimisation strategy that was designed to increase operational efficiency and decrease storage facility costs.

The Oakway Storage installation team worked and delivered on a tight schedule that allowed for the continued use of Ryanair’s warehouse during a busy period.

Our team supplied and fitted all elements of the mezzanine, pallet racking and industrial shelving to make the project a short-term success with the view of expanding in the long term.

Ryanair Case Study - Pallet Racking

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