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Oakway Storage - consult


In the initial consult phase, Oakway Storage diligently engages with clients to understand their specific needs, challenges and objectives. Through comprehensive discussions, we gain insights into the unique requirements of each business, laying the foundation for a tailored fit-out solution.


Following the consult phase, Oakway Storage transitions to the design stage, where our expert team translates gathered insights into a customised plan. This phase involves meticulous detailing of layout configurations, storage systems, and other key components, ensuring that the fit-out aligns precisely with the operational needs and goals of the client.

Oakway Storage - supply of pallet racking


With the design finalised, Oakway Storage seamlessly moves into the supply phase. Leveraging established networks and partnerships, we procure and provide all necessary materials and components for the fit-out. This ensures a smooth and efficient supply chain, facilitating the timely progression of the project.

Oakway Storage - install of pallet racking


The final phase involves the skilled installation of the designed fit-out. Oakway Storage’s experienced install team takes charge, implementing the plan with precision and efficiency. The install phase is characterised by careful attention to detail, adherence to timelines and a commitment to delivering a seamlessly integrated fit-out.

The trusted warehouse fit-out partner

E. Tupling – Warehouse Mezzanine

E. Tupling increased operational space by 12% with the installation of a mezzanine; designed, supplied and installed by Oakway Storage.

E. Tupling – Warehouse Mezzanine - Find out more

Ryanair – Warehouse Fit‑Out

Ryanair approached Oakway Storage as they needed a completely new storage solution at their large warehouse facility.

Ryanair – Warehouse Fit-Out - Find out more

STS Ltd – Pallet Racking

Oakway Storage helped STS Ltd improve their warehouse storage with the installation of drive-in pallet racking.

STS Ltd – Pallet Racking - Find out more

Morrisons – Pallet Racking

Morrisons approached Oakway Storage as they needed a modern, efficient storage solution that would last for years to come.

Morrisons – Pallet Racking - Find out more

Pitacs – Pallet Racking

Pitacs approached Oakway Storage as they needed a heavy-duty storage solution that would maximise the space available in their warehouse.

Pitacs – Pallet Racking - Find out more

March May – Warehouse Fit‑Out

A seamless journey with Oakway Storage to upgrade innovation and manufacturing excellence

March May – Warehouse Fit-Out - Find out more

Dependall – Pallet Racking

Castleford based storage and logistics business, Dependall Ltd, were looking for a partner to support their warehouse re-development.

Dependall – Pallet Racking - Find out more

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