Pallet Shuttle

Maximise space usage and reduce costs with Oakway's flexible Pallet Shuttle system

  • Customised to your space
  • Integrate with your racking
  • Manufacturer of new shuttles
  • Refurb of end-of-life shuttles

At Oakway, we believe in customising our pallet shuttles to fit your specific requirements. Unlike standard configurations that dictate how you work, our unique Pallet Shuttle solutions offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to maximise your warehouse storage capabilities without being constrained by conventional systems.

Our consultancy-led approach begins with a detailed analysis of your current operations. We focus on three main areas to enhance your warehouse efficiency.

We will either design, supply and install a complete new rack and shuttle system, review your existing drive-in racking and repurpose to suit a shuttle system, or renew and upgrade your obsolete shuttle systems through software and hardware replacement.

Making the storage and retrieval of palletised goods efficient, simple and safe

Designed to suit your warehouse

  • Suited to LIFO and FIFO stock management systems.
  • Bespoke rail heights for varying pallet/product sizes.
  • 2-way and 4-way options provide huge flexibility.

Increases your productivity

  • Increases speed of handling with reduced operator intervention.
  • Maximises space utilisation by reducing number of aisles.
  • Load/unload racking from ground level with powered pallet trucks.

Integrates effectively with your business

  • Can be adapted to suit existing shuttle and drive-in racking.
  • Supply new shuttle systems or repurpose existing equipment.
  • Re-configurable to suit your changing business requirements.

Saves you money

  • Reduces staffing costs associated with warehouse management.
  • Makes almost every cubic metre of space available for storage.
  • Speeds up order fulfilment and improves business cashflow.

The trusted warehouse fit-out partner

Here are a selection of recent Project Delivery Case Studies, each demonstrates the depth of knowledge and experience we provide to businesses across the UK and Ireland in helping them bring about positive business change and growth.

Dependall – Pallet Racking

Castleford based storage and logistics business, Dependall Ltd, were looking for a partner to support the re-development of areas of their 700,000 sq. ft distribution hub to better suit their ever-expanding storage requirement.

Dependall – Pallet Racking - Find out more

March May – Warehouse Fit-Out

In the pursuit of innovation and sustainable growth, March May, a designer and manufacturer of pumps, recently undertook a transformative expansion project in collaboration with Oakway Storage. Faced with spatial constraints in their longstanding location, March May strategically ventured into new units in Biggleswade, setting the stage for an ambitious facility upgrade.

March May – Warehouse Fit-Out - Find out more

Pitacs – Pallet Racking

Pitacs approached Oakway Storage as they needed a heavy-duty storage solution that would maximise the space available in their warehouse facility. We designed and installed a double-depth pallet racking system with heavy-duty deck boards, bespoke to Pitacs’ needs.

Pitacs – Pallet Racking - Find out more

Morrisons – Pallet Racking

Morrisons approached Oakway Storage as they needed a modern, efficient storage solution that would last for years to come. We designed and installed a state-of-the-art, heavy-duty pallet live storage system bespoke to Morrisons’ needs.

Morrisons – Pallet Racking - Find out more

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