Do you need planning permission for a mezzanine floor?

The short answer is that usually, no – you don’t need planning permission for a mezzanine floor if there are no local planning restrictions in place. Most mezzanine floors can be erected without planning permission. There are, however, important exceptions to be aware of. If the mezzanine floor is going to be used for office space, then planning permission may be required before works can start.

The same could be true if the mezzanine floor will increase the total floor area of the site. Again, in these circumstances, planning permission could potentially be required.

Building Regulations For Mezzanine Floors

One area that will always be a factor is Building Regulations. All mezzanine floor installations must be fully in compliance with the following Building Regulations:

  • Building Regulations 2000
  • Part A – Structural Safety
  • Part B – Fire Safety
  • Part K – Protection from Falling
  • Part M – Access To & Use of Buildings

At Oakway Storage, we are able to design your mezzanine floor in accordance to all regulations and guidelines, to ensure you never fall foul of the rules. We take into account Health & Safety guidelines to drastically reduce potential risks.

Our industry-leading experts are able to take care of the full Building Regulations Approval process for you, offering you complete peace of mind. Need to know more? Read our guide on what is a mezzanine floor.

Speak to our experts to check out what the requirements are for your particular situation. Call 01604 792255 or email

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