IPAF trained warehouse racking installation team

The Oakway Storage installation team continues providing a safe, quality service with refreshed IPAF training and certification on the safe and effective use of powered access equipment.

Alongside SafeContractor and ConstructionLine (Gold) certification, IPAF demonstrates Oakway Storage’s priority in supporting the considered and effective installation of all our warehouse design and optimisation projects.

IPAF accreditation stands for International Powered Access Federation accreditation. It is a certification program that provides training and assessment for operators and trainers of powered access equipment such as scissor lifts and boom lifts. The certification ensures that the operators are qualified and trained to use the equipment safely and efficiently.

The three core reasons Oakway Storage see IPAF training as necessary are:

  • Safety: IPAF training ensures that operators are trained in the safe use of powered access equipment, reducing the risk of accidents on the job.
  • Compliance: Many countries have regulations requiring powered access equipment operators to be certified. IPAF training helps companies comply with these regulations and avoid potential fines or legal liability.
  • Professionalism: IPAF training demonstrates a commitment to safety and professionalism, helping companies and individuals stand out in the marketplace and enhancing their reputation.

More info on IPAF can be found here.

Are you looking for a professional team to support in all aspects of your warehouse redesign, optimisation and installation?  Get in touch with the Oakway Storage warehouse team today using the contact form.

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