Why You Should Upgrade Your Warehouse in 2022

With warehouses set to be more important than ever for businesses in 2022, now is the time to consider whether your storage facility is up to scratch. Investing in your warehouse needs to be done strategically to ensure you get the most storage space possible, while keeping your operation smooth and efficient.

Whether you’re looking to invest in your warehouse storage equipment or management system, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 reasons why you should upgrade your warehouse in 2022.

Sub-optimal storage equipment causes inefficiency

If you’ve had your warehouse in operation for a long period of time, it should be obvious that your storage equipment will deteriorate over time. Whether it is from the constant stress of heavy products, general wear and tear or new technology entering the storage industry, your warehouse equipment will need to either be inspected or replaced.

Having storage equipment such as pallet racking or conveyor systems within your warehouse will dramatically increase the amount of storage space available to you, ultimately giving you a much leaner and efficient business operation.

Tax relief

Tax schemes, relief and support are widely available to all types of businesses whether that be for travel expenses, staff costs or R&D purposes and warehouses are not exempt. Taking advantage of the Super-Deduction scheme that was introduced in April 2021, will not only help reduce the cost of new plant and machinery but can also offset some of the cost for office furniture too – important for those coffee breaks!

If you want to find out more about how you can use this scheme in 2022, we’ve created a guide detailing all the ins and outs.

Upgrade Your Warehouse Storage Systems

Improve efficiency

The overall objective for any warehouse owner or operator is to run their storage facility in the most efficient way possible and to meet customer demands. Adding storage systems or even warehouse labelling to your facility will help improve the efficiency of your operation.

Another way to improve efficiency is by increasing the amount of storage space you have in your warehouse. An ideal way of doing this is by installing mezzanine flooring, which will create another floor for your warehouse.

Keep up with competitors

As with any business, you will have competitors. It’s important to keep up with industry trends and to then find ways to beat those who are in competition with you. Many warehouses will have state-of-the-art storage systems which ensure they run smoothly and at optimal levels.

These storage systems could be either; pallet racking, conveyor systems or partitioning. If you’re looking for storage solutions that will give you the edge over your competitors, you can see all the major clients we have worked with over the years that gave them just that.

Higher revenue

If you’re looking for ways to increase your turnover in 2022, then upgrading your warehouse is essential to do that. Whether that be training staff to higher levels, investing in new storage solutions or improving your warehouse management system, these can all go some way in increasing your revenue.

Although profits may initially fall due to the investments you make, longer term you will see the financial benefits of upgrading your warehouse.


If you’re struggling to grasp why you should upgrade your warehouse in 2022, then this guide should help you understand the reasons behind doing exactly that. The bottom line is that no matter what size or type of warehouse you operate, you should strategically invest in your storage facility so that it continues to run smoothly.

Oakway Storage has a plethora of experience helping businesses install high-quality storage systems for their warehouse. If you’re looking for ways in which you can upgrade you

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