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Warehouse labelling and signs are one of the most important aspects of efficient warehouse management. Labelling can help with identifying products within a storage facility so that they can be easily stacked and found again, or for other warehouse equipment such as pallet racking, shelving systems and aisles. Warehouse labels are a cost-effective way to ensure that your storage facility runs smoothly and reliably. Find out more information on what labels, signs and markers can do for your business in our warehouse labelling guide.

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What Types of warehouse labels are there?

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With the varied nature of warehouses, it should be expected that there is a range of labels and signs available. Labels can be paper-based or magnetic so you can be sure we have the solution for you.

The different types of warehouse labels we supply can be seen below:

Floor Labels and Markings

Creates a smoother navigational system

Colour-code to maximise usage

Increase time for stock picking

Warehouse pallet labels

Easy inventory management

Know the journey your stock goes through

Place paper-based labels onto your pallets

Warehouse rack labels

Suitable for all types of warehouse racking

Highly durable and dust resistant


Warehouse tote and bin labels

Primarily used for small items like nails and screws

Able to track large quanitities of individual goods

Barcode and RFID tags based

What are warehouse labels?

Warehouse labels are used to make navigation, inventory management and stock picking more efficient. Labels are grouped on the basis of the purpose of identification they satisfy – RFID tags, barcode labels, painted labels and retro-reflective labels.

If you want to learn about what either magnetic, floor or rack labels can do for your business in the UK, have a look below:

  • Lowers the amount of manual labour needed to keep track of inventory
  • Cost-effective way to manage stock
  • Significantly increases the amount of time available to stock-pickers
  • Can lead to a huge reduction in lag time and errors
  • Having a warehouse labelling system is suitable for all warehouse sizes
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