SEMA Certified Rack Safety Inspections & Reports

At Oakway, we are fully equipped to perform a variety of rack safety inspections, such as pallet racking inspections and cantilever racking inspections, as well as providing in-depth and detailed written safety reports to benefit you and your business.

However, we also do so much more, including supplying racking equipment, and installing it. Any repairs that are necessary to keep your company and your warehouse fully functioning and up to standard can be performed by our highly trained team of professionals, and are guaranteed to keep you and your facility safe.

If you’re interested in our pallet racking inspections, warehouse safety reports or inspection requirements, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team of experts to discuss your project. We would love to organise a site visit with you to review and ensure you’re getting the best solutions we have to offer. Contact us today if you have any general queries surrounding any type of storage inspections.

SEMA Approved Warehouse Inspections

SEMA approved racking inspections are recommended by The Health and Safety Executive a minimum of once every 12 months in the UK, however, more frequent warehouse inspections are encouraged. Racking inspections to evaluate and ensure that the warehouse staff members are technically competent are also essential. The HSE recommends these should ideally be carried out once a week. Remember, annual inspections/regular inspections for warehouse and storage systems are a legal responsibility taken on by the warehouse owner to ensure the safety of their staff.

If these checks are not carried out, your company could be:

● At a higher risk for injuries in the workplace

● Facing expensive repairs due to damage that could have been prevented

● Fined for not complying with SEMA standards

● Facing potential downtime for your warehouse
To ensure your racking inspections are carried out professionally and guaranteed to be SEMA compliant, entrust Oakway Storage with your warehouse inspections. With our racking inspection checklists, Oakway Storage can provide written safety reports, as well as action any number of repairs necessary to keep your warehouse and business safe
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With over 30 years of experience, Oakway is ready to help with any of your pallet racking, mezzanine floor, or racking inspections needs.
At Oakway Storage, we are well versed when it comes to getting the perfect storage solutions for our customers. We’re proud to have a supply network of manufacturers that are guaranteed to find the right fit for you and your business

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