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Oakway Storage are pleased to announce a partnership with Bluestone Leasing Ltd. As part of providing our customers with a full-service offer to support their business growth plans, we see the finance options available via Bluestone Leasing as an integral part of the conversation.

Through this partnership, Oakway Storage are able to offer our customers many different types of finance options, from leases to loans and everything in between. Bluestone Leasing offers a comprehensive service that allows our customers to wrap all project costs in to one finance package.

With access to a large specialist funding panel Bluestone Leasing secure the very best commercial terms for every project they handle and makes sure you get the best deal out there.

Why Use Finance?

Tax Benefits

A lease is a popular form of business financing that unlocks 100% tax relief on both capital and interest. The process is simple and you will be guided through the entire process.

Opportunity Cost

Financing is the best way to avoid putting your capital into assets that will depreciate, meaning your cash goes towards areas of the business that can better utilise it.

Costs In Line With Return

Purchasing assets upfront means a large initial outlay which only returns value over time. Leasing offers a return more in line with costs.

Affordable Fixed Cost

Budgets and forecasts are made far simpler when leasing due to the known and predictable costs spread out through the term.

Spread the VAT

When leasing, the VAT cost is spread out through the length of the contract rather than being paid in a lump up front.

Future Planning

Avoid spikes in capital investment costs which may not be budgeted for. Leasing allows you to spread the cost and effectively plan for the future, avoiding equipment redundancy and downtime.

Spread The Risk

Using specialist finance will increase your access to different credit lines and reduces over reliance on your primary funder. This lowers the risk to your business.

Industry Experts

Bluestone Leasing are market leading lenders who have been working with thousands of businesses like yours for decades. You can trust their expertise.

Our Partner Bluestone Leasing have been working with customers like you since the mid-1990s. Today over 12,000 organisations have used their services and often those relationships go back many years.

Speak to a specialist

To find out more information contact your Oakway Storage Account Manager today to obtain a quotation. Please call 01604 792255.

Finance is subject to underwriting and credit approval. Terms and Conditions are available on request. Orders are subject to Oakway Storage standard Terms & Conditions.

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