What is Pallet Live Storage?

Pallet live storage is a storage solution that provides efficient and ultra-dense storage of palletised goods with fewer aisles. Pallet live storage is used to increase storage capacity and is used to avoid unnecessary internal transport by delivering a vast amount of storage for the area used providing automatic stock rotation with minimal use of forklift trucks.

Pallet live storage is a compact system that uses the force of gravity to store the unit loads. There are live storage systems for both FIFO (First In, First Out) and LIFO warehouse management (Last in, First Out).

FIFO – First In, First Out

Pallets are loaded in the gravity channels on the input side, the slope causes the pallets to slide at a slow and controllable speed from the loading point to the unloading point. When the pallet is unloaded, the next pallet occupies its space ready for its removal.

Space and busy volume are saved by only needing one loading aisle and only one unloading aisle. Conventional rack systems require additional aisles that the system does not need. The difference between loading and unloading aisles allows the design of safe picking areas with high performance.

The dynamic FIFO shelving from POLYPAL is the best solution for the storage of perishable products that require a perfect stock rotation.

LIFO – Last In, First Out

The loading and unloading of LIFO dynamic racks are made by the front, with a single aisle that allows optimal use of spaces on walls.

Pallets are loaded at different levels from the same corridor for loading and unloading until using all the depth of the rack. After the first pallet is placed into the loading channel, the second pallet to position pushes the one already located by lift trucks, until the total load of the rack. This requires the first loaded pallet to be the last one removed from the rack.

In this system, the number of references on the volume by reference is prioritized, using the same corridor for loading and unloading.

Pallet Live Storage

Types of Live Storage Systems

Pallet Live Racking System

Pallet live racking system offers high density compact storage for palletised goods and works on the FIFO method to ensure failsafe stock rotation. This benefits greatly on industries supplying consumable goods such as food and drink. For such businesses the swift streamlined process with high productivity and excellent stock control that pallet live racking can provide, is key to ensuring clear logistical operation.

Pallet Live – Push Back Pallet Racking

Pallet live is also designed to work on the LIFO method and is often referred to as push back racking. Pallet live is used across a wide range of industries that store consumable and none consumable goods. The compact structure allows you to double or tripe your storage compared to a standard APR system, whilst providing you with direct access, reducing the need for physical labour.

Carton Live Shelving

Carton live shelving supports the fast flow of inventory in high volumes. This system provides automatic rotation by working the FIFO method, it is suitable for products such as pharmaceuticals and electronic items. Carton live shelving can be handle multiple varieties of stock at the same time and can adjust to any changing needs.

Storage Solutions

Benefits of a Pallet Live Storage System

1. More Storage Space

Compacting storage and eliminating unnecessary aisles can increase floor space.  The strict separation of aisles can avoid any disruptions to the workflow,  the increased picking rate means product turn over will also increase. Short travel times can be an increase in time productivity, at loading docks where pallets are grouped together according to dispatch route.

2. Better Access

Unlike conventional pallet racking, pallet live storage is used for more compact, clearly organised storage. All items are easily located and in direct access at the picking face. Each item can move unassisted to the picking position. Sufficient replenishment quantities can guarantee product availability making the logistics in your warehouse much easier for all.

3. Increase Productivity and Time

Thanks to pallet live storage systems, travel times can show a significant decrease. Pallet live storage systems can reduce working times dramatically whilst product turnover increases.

4. Handle Larger Volumes

Using a pallet live storage system you will be able to handle large volumes of the same SKU products easier, with the help of long storage lanes.

5. Cut Energy Costs

Pallet live system limit lighting to the load and unload areas. In the case of cold room storage, the system allows you to reduce refrigerating costs as a results of lower cubic volumes stored in the warehouse.

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