What is a Safety Barrier?

Safety barriers are fundamental when it comes to complying with health and safety regulations and are designed to prevent and control accidents and events. Safety barriers are often used to divert traffic, corner off hazards and for crowd control.

Installing safety barriers into your warehouse comes with an initial cost, yet over time your warehouse facility will become a safer environment with a reduction in workplace accidents.

What is the Purpose of a Safety Barrier?

Safety barriers help to reduce the risk of workplace accidents by preventing entry into a dangerous area. Employers are making use of safety barriers to create a safe and productive environment for employees whilst complying with warehouse health and safety regulations.

Why are Safety Barriers so Important?

Safety barriers are so important as they ensure the safety of workers whilst protecting your equipment and stock by limiting access. A safe environment is the key to success and employee productivity. Employees that feel safe and protected within the workplace are more likely to work more proactively whilst reducing the chance of accidents at work.

The Benefits of Safety Barriers

There are many benefits to using safety barriers within the workplace. From reducing work site accidents, and protecting equipment and stock, to complying with safety regulations, there are many reasons to use safety barriers within your warehouse.

  1. Comply with safety regulations
  2. Simple installation and maintenance
  3. Protect equipment and stock
  4. Reduce workplace accidents

Safety Barriers and Fencing at Oakway Storage

At Oakway Storage we offer cost-effective safety solutions for your warehouse with a wide range of high-quality barrier systems and fencing available. Our types of barriers are ideal if you are looking to save long-term costs for your business, require a widescale safety system, or need a versatile and adaptable solution to protect your equipment.

Our team of expertise can help you to find a standard warehouse option adapted to your warehouse needs. We offer a range of high visibility safety barriers and fencing that are built to last whilst ensuring your business complies with safety regulations.

If you would like more help regarding our range of safety barriers, contact us to speak to one of our warehouse optimisation experts.

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