Business Case Template UK 2021 | Warehouse Redevelopment

Simple Business Case Template

All warehouse redevelopment and optimisation projects start with a solid plan. Time and again we encourage businesses that are looking to change their warehouse set-up to start by developing a strong business case.

This simple template (downloadable using the form below) should form the basis of your planning. Where relevant we’ve used specific examples to help you realise your own Business Case.

We’re happy to help you complete this business case template and support you in creating your own business case for the redevelopment of your warehouse operation.

Be it a simple case of swapping out old racking for pick and pack spaces to cater for new ecommerce business, or a wholesale move to a new warehouse and the impacts on your current and future business, our experience will guide you through the potential pitfalls.

Please download the Business Case template using the form below.

If you need advice on how to complete the template call 01604 792255 or email and we’ll be back to you ASAP.

Oakway would be very happy to discuss your project to see if we can add value and experience to your internal team. Please contact us today or call us on 01604 792255.

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