How to Increase Storage Capacity in a Warehouse

Managing and storing inventory in a warehouse or storage facility is one of the biggest challenges warehouse owners face. If you’ve calculated the total storage capacity of your warehouse and you’re stuck for ideas on how to increase your available space, then Oakway Storage can help.

With a wide range of storage solutions and having helped businesses like Ryanair and Morrisons, we are experts on how you can maximise your warehouse facility so that it runs smoothly and efficiently.

Why do warehouses run out of space?

If we want to find the root problem for wondering how to increase storage capacity in a warehouse, then we need to consider what issues there are that diminish space in the first instance.

The system you use

If you’re not using a first-in-first-out (FIFO) system, then this could be an issue. Using this logistical system will help reduce the space you require at one time.

Business is booming

If you’re experiencing an up-turn in business and products are flying off the shelf, then you will require more space to accommodate for the increase in demand. You may need to move premises, or improve your storage equipment for a more cost-effective solution.

Old and unwanted inventory

When was the last time you thoroughly went through your inventory list? You may have old and obsolete products taking up valuable storage space, causing the need for larger capacity.

How can I increase the storage capacity in my warehouse?

Warehouse owners may not want to move to a larger and more expensive storage facility, hence they look for ways to maximise their existing storage space. At Oakway Storage, we are experts in optimising warehouses of all shapes and sizes, and below is a list of our 5 top tips on how you can increase the storage space in your warehouse.

Mezzanine flooring

Investing in warehouse mezzanine floors are an ideal way to increase your storage capacity. Mezzanines can potentially double your storage space, without having to think about the idea of relocating or extending your building, offering a more cost-effective solution.

Pallet racking

There are different types of pallet racking available, all of which help maximise storage space. Utilising this storage solution can drastically improve the efficiency and functionality of your warehouse. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of pallet racking, we can help provide bespoke and fitted storage systems for your warehouse.

Identify underutilised space

As previously mentioned, there will more often than not, be space available if you shift on old and unwanted inventory. Using this quick and cheap way of increasing your storage capacity will not only help stock rotation but will help ensure your warehouse is staying on top of product demand.

Reduce aisle width

Learning the dimensions of your forklifts and machinery needed for every type of product, will give you measurements of the width needed for aisles. Having an efficient aisle system will make navigation for machinery and workers smoother, meaning your warehouse runs at near full capacity. Narrow aisle pallet racking is an ideal solution for reducing aisle width and increasing storage capacity for your warehouse

Use your warehouse’s height

A common issue in warehouses is that they don’t use most of the vertical space available. With potentially thousands of cubic feet of space being wasted, having a vertical racking system like cantilever racking is the perfect solution to this problem.

Warehouse Storage Solutions

If you’re struggling to maximise the space available in your warehouse after reading this blog, Oakway Storage have a plethora of experience helping business’ in similar situations.

To discuss your storage capacity problem, contact us to speak to one of our warehouse optimisation experts.

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