Mezzanine Floor Stairs Options – Guide to Mezzanine Staircases

The world of mezzanine staircases provides more options than you might think. Once you know your floor heights there are a number of things to choose to help you get the right look and functionality for your office, warehouse or other commercial property.

In this guide, we outline the different types of staircases suitable for mezzanine flooring and how you can benefit from installing them into your property.

Warehouse Storage Systems

Front of house (public-facing)

When thinking about adding mezzanine flooring to your office or retail space, it becomes more important to put more thought into the aesthetics. Luckily, a front of house staircase can be designed to suit the look and feel of your building so that your customers, visitors and other stakeholders will have a first impression that stands out.

Often constructed with steel and finished with aesthetically pleasing materials, Oakway Storage specialise in creating mezzanine staircases for those in the retail industry so that you can be sure your commercial stairs are of the highest quality.


Different to front of house, warehouse mezzanine staircases don’t need to be as aesthetically pleasing due to the fact potential customers won’t be seeing it. Our industrial staircases have been designed so that they are easy to install (saving you money), hard wearing and meet all building regulations. Often scaling multiple floor levels, warehouse staircases need to be built in a way that ensures operators are safe at all times.

With several different needs for industrial staircases in storage facilities, warehouse owners need to consider the importance of having these staircases as they can dramatically increase the amount of available space in conjunction with mezzanine flooring. If you’re looking for other ways to expand the space in a warehouse, we’ve created the ultimate guide on how you can do exactly that.

Back of house

Similar to warehouse mezzanine staircases, back of house stairs are used in the back end of a retail facility. Back of house staircases are typically smaller than warehouse staircases due to the limited amount of space clearance overhead, meaning they need to be designed and installed in a different way. Typically scaling one floor level, these staircases are more cost effective and hard wearing than other industry solutions, meaning your back of house system will last for years to come.

Ensuring workers are safe at all times is the responsibility of warehouse/building owners and installing high-quality industrial staircases will go some way in achieving this. You can customise the colour scheme of your back of house stairs, but we would recommend having the main tread black, with the ends coloured yellow – this will ensure you comply with health and safety regulations.

Mezzanine Flooring

Treads and handrails

To keep your staff, customers, visitors and other stakeholders safe, installing treads and handrails is a must.

For commercial public facing staircases, the tread may be carpet, steel or laminate so that it remains safe to use as well as being visually pleasing. Handrails will more often than not be steel-based with a glass centre as this provides strong stability as well as creating an inviting atmosphere for stakeholders.

On the other hand, warehouse and back of house staircases will only need tread and handrails that are fit for purpose and ensures the safety of staff. Often cheaper than commercial alternatives, warehouse owners can get a great product for a great price – saving capital for other storage solutions.

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