What is the Minimum Light Level in a Warehouse

When running a warehouse, there is a lot to think about, from how to light a warehouse, the cost of lighting in a warehouse and how many lights you’ll need. Most importantly, to help you search for the most suitable lighting for your warehouse it’s important to understand the minimum lighting level.

Good warehouse lighting speeds the process of shipping or producing products helping workers to see without the risk of workplace accidents. Warehouses are often limited in the amount of natural light they receive, which is why lighting is such an important step to consider when it comes to running a warehouse.

The Importance of Minimum Light Levels in a Warehouse
Warehouse lighting is an important aspect of ensuring the safety of employees while enhancing their productivity levels. For example, LED warehouse lights are a cost-effective solution for offering a wide-scale lighting system easily adapted to the requirements of your warehouse. There are many benefits to installing LED warehouse lighting, to name a few:

  1. Complying with safety regulations
  2. Simply installed and maintained
  3. Decreases warehouse running costs
  4. Lowers carbon footprint
  5. Improves the working environment

What are the Minimum Light Levels in a Warehouse?

The lighting levels within a warehouse are usually dependent on how the building is used. For example, if you are looking to work with smaller products then you may prefer a higher light level. Yet if you are working with products that need to be stored at a cooler temperature then it may be more effective to work under a lower light level.

According to The Society of Light and Lighting, the recommended warehouse lighting levels are a minimum of 150 to 200 lux and a maximum of 300 lux.

Installing lighting into your warehouse comes with an initial cost, yet is a massive long-term investment in the way your business operates, a reduction in operating costs and an increase in sustainable practices.

Energy Efficient Warehouse Lighting Solutions at Oakway Storage

At Oakway Storage we offer affordable lighting solutions for warehouses. From standard warehouse lighting options to fully adaptable ceiling lights, we offer a wide range of quality warehouse lighting solutions to meet your business’s needs and lighting requirements whilst complying with safety regulations. Our LED lighting is suitable for various different commercial buildings and warehouses across the UK, you can request a free site visit or a quotation today.

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