Warehouse Shelving FAQs

Warehouse shelving systems come in a whole range of shapes and sizes. In order to realise the maximum cubic storage area available to any installation, it is critical to ensure that your shelving storage system is designed specifically to your individual requirements, taking into account space, required load capacity, productivity, budget and return on investment.

If you’re looking into the possibility of installing warehouse shelving in your storage facility, you may have a few questions or queries. We’ve created a list of FAQs surrounding warehouse shelving to help you understand more about them and how having industrial shelving installed can help your storage facility. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, our team of experts are ready to help.

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Ask a member of our dedicated sales team to visit your site to discuss your specific requirements. We also provide racking inspections for existing installations.

What are warehouse shelving systems?

Warehouse shelving is a storage system designed to keep products and goods in rows throughout multiple levels. This type of storage system can dramatically increase the amount of storage space available in your warehouse – an efficient way of storing goods.

How many different warehouse shelves do you provide?

There are a variety of warehouse shelves to choose from depending on your requirements. At Oakway Storage we provide 3 different types of shelves that are suitable for a range of warehouses in the UK.

Spaceworks 1500 (medium-duty shelving system)
Spaceworks 3000 shelving (heavy-duty shelving system)
Active Roll shelving system

Why do I need warehouse shelving?

Some warehouse owners may be reluctant to expand their warehouse storage capabilities due to the increase in expenditure, but when you have an efficient system in place, you’ll soon see a positive return on your investment. Not only are our warehouse shelving systems durable and cost-effective, but they also dramatically increase the storage capacity of your warehouse.

Does warehouse shelving need a load notice?

Yes, all warehouse shelving should have a load notice, to avoid the risk of collapse due to overloading and to ensure the safety of warehouse operators.

What weight can shelving withstand?

Warehouse shelving can be designed and engineered to take almost any weight, as the budget will allow. Shelving required to take extremely heavy loads will be more expensive to build, and may also require reinforcements of the floor below the shelves.

Can Oakway Storage design and fit warehouse shelving?

We support growing logistics, eCommerce fulfilment and wholesale businesses with end-to-end warehouse development project management and installation. Providing industrial shelving systemspallet rackingwarehouse mezzanine floors and everything in between to any scale. With our headquarters in Leeds and depots across the UK, we are able to serve the entire country with their warehouse shelving needs.

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