Timber Storage

Timber and wood are some of the most popular and most sustainable materials used in the construction and building industries. Storing timber can be quite complex due to their long and heavy nature, as well as the need to keep them off the ground to prevent rotting and damage.

Storing timber can be efficiently done through the use of timber cantilever storage racking, which ensures your timber is protected from the elements, increases the amount of space available and saves you money moving forward.

Available in single or double-sided configurations, Oakway’s heavy-duty cantilever storage racking suitable for timber can be tailored to provide the maximum storage capacity in any given space. Cantilever rack arms can be simply and rapidly adjusted without the need for special tools. It’s incredibly versatile and adaptable for all types of timber.

CantiRack Storage racking is manufactured using steel pillars and horizontal bracing and storage levels, which are fully adjustable in height. This system provides the maximum storage capacity for long and bulky materials such as timber because there are no vertical members within the storage locations.

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Is heavy-duty cantilever racking the right choice?

A cantilever racking system could be the top choice for you if:

✓ You are looking for a storage solution for long, bulky items such as timber
✓ You need a solution that is versatile and adaptable when needed
✓ You require a high capacity solution that maximises available space

Whether you’re looking for a standard warehouse option or a specialist design, Oakway Storage has the expertise to help you. We can offer fully modular, expandable heavy-duty cantilever racking systems that grow as you do. Our high-quality solutions meet all required quality and safety standards and are built to last. We make heavy-duty cantilever storage racks attainable for any warehouse in the UK.

Cantilever Racking

Benefits of Cantilever Racking for Storing Timber

Storage Capacity

Limit Damage Caused to Timber

Highly Versatile & Adaptable

Warehouse Costs

Installing cantilever shelving for timber storage into your warehouse will create an initial outlay in costs, but over the longer term, your storage facility will experience a reduction in operating costs whilst seeing an increase in storage capacity.

Although our heavy-duty cantilever racking systems are large pieces of equipment that hold long and heavy loads such as timber, they are highly versatile and adaptable – the perfect solution for warehouse owners.

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