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At Oakway Storage, we are experts at providing storage solutions in Northampton and the surrounding areas. Our offices are based in Castle Ashby and we are proud to be a Northamptonshire based company. We offer a nationwide expertise, with local customer service.

Although we offer our services to the entire country, projects in Northampton are always close to our hearts. We have completed a huge range of projects in the area, from pallet racking installations, to industrial shelving projects.

We are specialists in heavy duty warehouse storage solutions in Northampton and the whole of Northamptonshire including Kettering, Towcester, Daventry, Brixworth and Thrapston.

Speak to one of our experts today to find out more about how we can help you with warehouse installations, inspections or optimisation in Northampton.

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Ask a member of our dedicated sales team to visit your site to discuss your specific requirements for timber storage racking. We also provide racking inspections for existing installations.

Mezzanine Floors Northampton

Mezzanine Floors are raised platforms within a warehouse that can be utilised to store additional stock or inventory.

We are the leading provider of Mezzanine Floors in Northampton, with a huge wealth of expertise in all aspects of the projects. We understand the local area, as well as the rules and regulations of West Northamptonshire Council. We can help you manage the planning permission application where necessary.

We take projects through the whole process from the initial discussion to handing back the keys. Our specialists can help you decide whether a Mezzanine Floor is the right option for you.

Mezzanine Floors have the potential to double your storage space at a very cost-effective rate. Although predominantly used to increase the available space in warehouses, Mezzanine Floors can also be used as a creative solution to expanding office space. All you need are high ceilings with a wasted amount of vertical space.

With a wealth of projects under our belts and clients such as Ryanair, we are the ideal company to contact if you are thinking about installing a Mezzanine Floor in Northampton.


Pallet Racking Northampton

Pallet racking is an ideal way to store heavy items in an organised fashion. We have completed pallet racking installations in Northampton for many satisfied customers (see our projects page for examples). We are fully accredited to install and inspect your pallet racking meaning you never fall foul of the regulations.

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of pallet racking. We are locally based in Morley, so if you are looking for pallet racking in Northampton, give us a call on 01604792255

Pallet racking is an important aspect in ensuring your warehouse is suitably organised, as well as safe for your employees. Our team are highly experienced in knowing which is the right pallet racking solution for your business. 

Maxstor Pallet Racking Northampton

Maxstor pallet racking is versatile, robust and modular. It is compatible with all types of pallet including wooden Euro pallets and heavy duty steel mesh stillages. If you are looking for pallet racking in Northampton for a warehouse, store, workshop or production facility, then the Maxstor racking system is ideal.

Narrow Isle Pallet Racking Northampton

Narrow isle pallet racking provides the same flexibility as wide isle racking but increases storage capacity by reducing width and increasing height. This type of pallet racking is suited for offices, warehouses, stores, production facilities, workshops and schools.

The above are the most popular types of pallet racking solutions, but we also offer drive-in pallet racking, push back racking, throughflow racking and mobile pallet racking.

Racking Inspections Northampton

In addition to our installation services, Oakway Storage is fully licensed to provide safety inspections in Northampton for all your new and existing racking. Our SEMA accredited inspectors can visit your site and provide a full portfolio of safety advice and ensure you are always protected.

Our Northamptonshire based inspectors are fully up to speed on both the national laws, as well as the local bylaws specific to Northampton. 

Shelving Systems Northampton

If you need warehouse shelving systems in Northampton, then Oakway Storage is the solution. We can provide you with a range of storage solutions that are specifically designed to meet your individual requirements. 

Spaceworks 1500 Shelving System This medium duty shelving system is versatile, modular and popular amongst our clients. Aesthetically pleasing, S1500 is perfect for small parts storage, archive storage, filing and plastic container applications.

Spaceworks 3000 Shelving System This heavy duty shelving system has high load capacity and is perfect for larger boxed goods, bulky items, light pallet storage and heavy archive use. 

Active Roll Active roll storage systems are perfect if you are wanting to achieve stock rotation and productivity targets. Our carton-live storage system provides accurate stock rotations on a first-in, first-out basis. 

Warehouse Optimisation

If you would like to know more about our storage solutions in Northampton, then get in contact with a member of our team today and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

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