Oakway Storage introduces a new flexible warehouse protection solution to the UK

Oakway Storage are proud to partner with Italian manufacturer MPM Flexible Protections to announce the launch of a new flexible warehouse protection system to the UK market.

This innovative solution prevents accidents and damage to people, racks, property and machinery. Above and beyond traditional steel-fabricated protection, the Oakway Storage solution returns to its original shape after impact, reducing shock and damage, whilst also increasing floor space through a cleverly designed minimal footprint.

Oakway Storage launch a new flexible warehouse protection system to the UK market

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), over 5,000 reported accidents involve workplace transport every year in the UK.  This alarming statistic underscores the importance of implementing safety measures to prevent workplace accidents and injuries.

The team at Oakway Storage understand the challenges warehouse managers and owners face when protecting their people and infrastructure. Our flexible warehouse protection solution is designed with these challenges in mind. We are confident it will help our customers maintain a safe and productive work environment while minimising the risk of costly downtime due to damage.

Alvin Clarke, Director at Oakway Storage

The new product features a flexible design that can absorb the impact of a forklift or other heavy equipment without causing damage to vehicles, floors or the protection itself.  This popular feature offers cost-effective protection over a longer period than traditional steel protection.

Additionally, the minimal design of Oakway Storage’s flexible warehouse protection takes up less floor space, providing increased levels of capacity for storage and handling.

MPM Flexible Protections

Oakway Storage are the UK distributor for MPM Flexible Protections.

For further information and to download the Flexible Warehouse Protection brochure, please visit this page.

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